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The Peace Playlist


    This is for mood and vibe purposes only. Any negative,disrespectful, or other wise immature comments will result in the deleting of this page.     

Music kind of plays a part in everything that I do.Creating a unique shopping experience is very dear to me as expressed a million and one times before. To give you the true vibes of relaxation and peace I have compiled two playlists. One is attached to the website (Spotify) and the second will be linked at the end. Both filled with songs for many different moods, all gelled together and graced with a few of my favorites as well. Along with some really great shopping tunes.

I hope you enjoy every song and stumble across a few of your favorites as well. Some songs are explicit so I don't recommend this part of Peace Products for anyone over the age of 18. 


Because sometimes the only way to get past it is to go through it. 

Contact my personal email if you want to talk. 

Follow @teria___ on Spotify to have access to the Peace Playlist full collection.

View the 

Soundcloud playlist by copying this link :

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