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Our Story

Peace Products,the business and the products.

Peace products has been in the making for a little over 2 years now. The goal has always been to have quality products available to you that can help implement confidence and self-care into your life. And for no reason but the fact that you want to.


That was just the beginning, I planned to dig a lot deeper into the qualities that I actually wanted to provide through my company. To insure that there was a solid foundation for a grand experience.


I've deliberated on numerous ideas over time,from products all the way to the shopping experience. As a full fledged Virgo, I like to have everything down to a T and deep with every layer. 

Soothing the soul has always been my number one priority, due to the fact that it's what helps the spirit defeat solace and increase serenity while adding a little radiance to top things off.


As I have grown into a young woman I know that confidence is a very essential tool that provides one with the courage to conquer all obstacles. It wouldn't feel right if we didn't have that area covered as well.

Something that a lot of people wish to obtain during their life is Happiness,Love,Success, and Peace. I know very well that my products are capable of at least the Peace part, in order to get you in the mind frame of the other three. Or else it wouldn't be in the name.

People that need Peace also have people that they care about. So to embody the well-rounded all inclusive company that I dreamed of, I had to make sure that if you wanted someone to remember that they are special to you then we could have something for them too.

After having a tight knit idea of where I wanted my business to go,we had to stack that bridge with products that would take us there. So that's where quality comes into the equation for us,in addition to the type of products we decide to provide. 

I've always been big on great products that fulfill your needs (or maybe fix what you feel is a problem area) and make you and your surroundings smell amazing. Self-care is a very important aspect in my life that keeps me going. I wanted to make sure I didn't lose sight of the feeling that I want to convey to my customers and all without denting anyone's pockets.

Peace products provides an array of candles,oils, bath bombs,and scrubs. Just to name a few of the things that we hand craft and present to you. We make it our business to cover everything else in between to bridge the bath and body Industry's gap so anyone can exude Peace from head to toe. Not only with great smelling products but one's that actually work. 

That's why we assure all Peace Products products are formulated with natural,responsibly-sourced, and skin safe ingredients. We are strong believers in caring for what goes into your body as well as on it.

Our product range can be used for a personal yet special occasion, some unwinding time and for the days where you need a little help to push you through. It's the only place where self-care,rarity, and crafted quality meet to equal something that everyone may need a little more of.

I've always had a passion for bath and body so I do consider this to be one of the very great passions of mine. I will continue to put all I have into this company and I'm sure that it will show in our work.

The quality,uniqueness, and thoughtfulness of this company will gift you with confidence, resilience,a pampering routine and most importantly,Peace.

I'd like to present to you...

Peace Products


Teria N. Mortimer
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